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Dairy Product Manufacturers in Chandigarh


Vishal Dairy is top-notch dairy in producing best quality milk. Our buffalo and cow milk is pouch-packed milk to make it conveniently available to consumers. No any kind of chemicals and water is added in the milk during manufacturing. We provide fresh pure hygienic milk to our customer's. Due to our high purity fresh milk, customers' are in touched with us. No any kind of chemicals is added in any dairy products which effect the human body


Vishal Dairy lassi is a tasty and refreshing drink made from pure, hygienic and nutritious curd. We have five flavours of lassi: Sweet Lassi Namkeen Lassi, Chatti Lassi, Mango Lassi and Khatti Lassi. During manufacturing of lassi good quality of curd is used. It refreshes you immediately with goodness of nature. Refreshing delicious cool drink tastes best when chilled. Lassi is an amazing way to beat the heat in summer. In all types of lassi, quality is properly maintained.

Milk Badam

Vishal Dairy have a top notch milk badam in Manimajra. Our manufacturers produce the milk with creamy textures and nutty taste. Milk which is used during manufacturing is pasteurized homogenized. Proper quality is maintained during manufacturing the almond milk. Good quality of almonds are used in while producing badam milk. No impure milk are used by us. We delivers best hygienic dairy products to our customer's. It is the only reason that our customer's satisfied with our quality.


Vishal Dairy manufactures different flavours of ice cream. In our dairy, cream is manufactured from pure fresh milk combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavours which improve and enhance the quality of cream. The pleasurable taste and sensation of ice cream coupled with wholesome natural ingredients like dry fruits, nuts and fruits makes ice cream a perfect part of a balanced, enjoyable diet.

Dairy Product Manufacturers in Chandigarh


Vishal Dairy produces the top notch high quality fresh paneer. As you know paneer is essential ingredient in the life of all vegetarians. It is one of the most preferred snacks to kill those hunger pangs. It is rich in Proteins, Pure and Hygienic. Fresh Panner and Masala Panner which are made by us regularly, made from fresh pure milk. We are in touched with our clients due to our high quality hygienic products.

Desi Ghee

Vishal Dairy delivers best cow/buffalo desi ghee. It is produced by simmering butter which is churned from cream and removing the liquid residue. Ghee is good source of energy and provides vitality to human body. Vishal Dairy ghee has typical rich aroma and granular texture. Vishal Dairy ghee is 100% pure and is untouched by hand and hygienically packed. You can use it for making various kinds of eatable things.


Vishal Dairy provide you milk made khoya which made from fresh pure milk. Our khoya is natural in taste which used in making various kinds of sweets. Many of our sweets are made with khoya. Our manufacturers put the milk in big pan and simmered it slowly until it becomes thick. Pure hygienic fresh milk is used while manufacturing Khoya. Taste the good quality khoya here.

Fresh Cream & White Butter

Our fresh cream has been processed to give smooth, consistency and makes mouth watering preparations. It can be used to prepare fruit salad, Punjabi dishes, ice cream. It takes the dishes to a whole new level. White butter is prepared at home by shaking, curdling and then washing the fresh cream of the milk and no salt is added into it. It taste better than the butter you get outside