About Us

Vishal Dairy is the group of progressive farmers who believes in a desire to help other people. We at Vishal Dairy are transforming thousands of litres of raw milk into processed milk and dairy products to tempt taste buds of all individuals from kids to elders. People across Northern India consume our milk and milk products to fulfil their daily nutritional requirements. At our dairy we transform everyday milk processing into a work of art, to give pleasure to even the most demanding taste buds.

We obtain milk from farmers having best dairy cattle breeds in the Chandigarh region. We feel proud that with our diligent efforts we are contributing to find ways to improve the standard of living of local farmers also. We share correct information with them about daily dairy prices giving right share for their hard work. Furthermore, we pursue and adopt latest dairy management innovations to maintain top standards of hygiene and quality.

Starting the day with a dairy product indeed is a great way. We have mastered the art of dairy products and we love to share our expertise with all. To know more about us or even about heavenly dairy foods and dairy recipes just give us a call.

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